Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Action Figure

There's no artwork or sketches this week... by the way i got a couple of picture of my only action figure to show. I like to collect action figure but my space/studio not allow me to do that.

Spawn (Ashley Wood Cover)

Hellboy (At the back of Arkham Asylum)
My wife gave me this Action Figure as my birthday present. And the Arkham Asylum actually belongs to my 7 years old son.

1 comment:

azhar said...

me also an action figure some also..

kalu tak cukup space..u can put it in my studiohehehee..

wahh..semua in mint condition still in good packaging!

DARN! been lookng for Hellboy PVC set..last i found it in Kino..ingat nak kumpul duit beli..tgk2 dah ada org beli dahhh