Thursday, February 18, 2010

NAGASATRIA Limited Edition KLIBF`2010 Exclusive T-Shirt

Hi... I know it was too late to say Happy New Year 2010 since my last post on August 2009. But who cares, so Happy New Year 2010 to everyone. So... here why I'm missing... busy, busy, busy and busy! Sound familiar isn't it? Okay, just to share, I just collaborated with my friend FaizalMukhtar (Manteraworks) to produce 2 t'shirt's design using my upcoming Nagasatria's comic characters. The t'shirt will be available in early March for a limited print only. Actually this is 90 percent Manteraworks project, and there are more project like this in the future with more quality for sure.

Here the update from FaizalMukhtar's blog:

NAGASATRIA: Limited Edition "Nemesis" Black T-Shirt
Special Price: RM$35.50 //
Sizes: M - XXL
( click on the picture for a larger image )

 NAGASATRIA: Limited Edition "Rangga" White T-Shirt
 Special Price: RM$35.50 //
Sizes: M - XXL
( click on the picture for a larger image )

With anticipation for Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair(KLIBF) 2010 reaching a fever pitch this coming month, we here at TShirt Studio is offering limited edition premium Manteraworks/MS Legacy merchandise product available for advance pre-order only at this site!

Here is the only place where you can get NAGASATRIA Limited Edition KLIBF`2010 T-Shirt in advance! On sale are TWO(2) super exclusive t-shirts complete with the Manteraworks banner with fine illustrated work by foreknown comic artist, Niezam. These shirts are available in black (featuring NEMESIS) or white (featuring RANGGA of Nagasatria).

Don't forget that TShirt Studio Malaysia online shoppe is also your only place to get this exclusive t-shirt before KLIBF`2010 starts on the 19th to 28th of March this year.

So remember the next time you feel like showing off your devotion to everything artistic, beautiful and rare, stop by TShirt Studio for some great deals and exclusive merchandise!

To order, please contact;
ALIZAN (012-672 3128) OR email:
FAIZAL (014-232 6690) OR email:
You also can contact me on this blog. 


azhar said...

best nih,,,

senantiasa menantikan yg terkini dari otai bro tok guru Niezam nih..

saya musti beli..pasni komik nagasatria bila nak publish?

Kitosia said...

Chun la,lama tak dengar cerita,gi mana lama sangat tak beraksi kat Blog?

Niezam said...

To Azhar: Nagasatria belum confirm bila akan dipublish... mungkin lambat lagi.

To Kitosia: Sibuk... ayat biasa yang mampu ku ucapkan. Heh!

akmal said...

berapa satu harga t-shirt nih