Friday, April 02, 2010

Alfatihah untuk ex geng Din Beramboi

Alfatihah untuk Din Beramboi yang panggil dia Meor je. Brader pernah bekerja dan satu geng dengan arwah dulu semasa bekerja untuk majalah 'BOOM!' bersama Aznil, Saiful Apek, kartunis Padi, penulis Ahadiat Akashah dan lain-lain lagi. Lama betul brader tak jumpa dia. Brader kenal sangat dengan perangai dia, kalau kat tv kita tengok arwah wat kelakar camtu, camtu la arwah kat luar. Alfatihah sekali lagi untuk arwah.

PEKOMIK Best Artist nomination/Comix21

Have been nominated for the 'Best Comic Artist' award at Pekomik (Malaysia Comic artist Associated), also nominated for 'Best Traditional/Digital Artist' category for 2009 Pekomik Award. But unfortunately I didn't won any of those category. All the winning artist are the best. My comic also nominated for a 'Best Limited series' for 2008 Pekomik Award, but never won any award. Thanks to Mr, Apai (Karangkraf) for all this. But I still feel I'm not ready for any award, my art still need improvement. That is why I have been drawing comic since 1992 but never publish my own comic book.

Digital also has selected me for one of '20 Notable Young Illustrators'... hmm maybe I like this one because although I'm not young anymore but Digital Malaya has note me as an illustrator not a comic artist. Illustrator who trying to draw comic... yes, I think this is me.

Alaf 21 publication imprint, Comix21 head by Mr. Apai is another way for Malaysia comic artist to publish their comic. Comix21 is a Graphic Novel format (80 pages trade paperback format) with glossy art paper  giving a chance for me to publish my comic with a quality printing but I'm still not confident since my art is not very good compare to a good paper quality offered by Comix21. And I don't think I have enough fan out there for my own book. But honestly, Comix21 give you better quality comic book, hopefully Mr. Apai can make double check on the quality artwork from the comic artist submission.