Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My First cover job

This is my first cover job for 'Fantasi' issue no. 70-Jun 1991. Fantasi-anthology comic magazine was the best comic magazine at that time. This portrait cover was done in watercolor. I also did several illustration for editorial as well as comic. 'Fantasi' also publish my first work in comic but the comic was so bad.

'Fantasi' issue no. 70 - Jun 1991

My second cover job and first cover using airbrush. This is the only original cover for 'Fantasi' I have. Almost over 10 years I stop using airbrush but I'm planning to use this tool again in future.

'Fantasi' issue no. 75 - November 1991

Actually this illustration supposed to be commision for a
friend. He asked me if I can paint him Superman. I agreed but then he gone and at that time 'Fantasi' editor called me... he asked me that he need cover for urgent and the Superman still in progress, without Blue and Red cape I decided to use it as 'Fantasi' cover.

'Fantasi' issue no. 77 - January 1992

More surrealistic cover... this idea cameout when I created special effect black/white photo for a photographic class during my art study at that time. Also 100% by airbrush.

'Fantasi' issue no. 78 - February 1992

Last cover for 'Fantasi' and the fifth cover for my early proffesional job. Bill Sienkiewicz was among my influance at that time so here you can see wire element in the art. But this is not my last airbrush cover... I also did airbrush cover for humor magazine, novel's cover and advertising. I'll post it here when I get another 'my early art' in future.

'Fantasi' issue no. 81 - May 1992

Monday, August 27, 2007

Kevin Eastman in Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Eastman, my buddy Faizal, me and ghost at the back.

Yes... Mr. Kevin Eastman (TMNT fame) gave a talk on how he created the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on 24 August at KL Hilton. Also, Joe Pearson, President of Epoch Ink Animation, a respected Hollywood-based producer of world-class animation properties, as he details the creative process of creating global animation IP, from building characters to shaping worlds. The best moment... I got his signature on my Heavy Metal magazine and took picture with him.

Last night I opened 2 boxes of my collection of 'Fantasi' magazine (Fantasi was the best comic magazine at that time... around 1980-1995). I did 4 covers for this magazine if i'm not mistaken. i'll post my first cover job and the rest cover i did for this magazine in the next post. (For more picture please visit