Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Step by step Wolverine

Here i demonstrate how i colored my Wolverine piece using photoshop in simple way. But this is my way... others maybe using other way. (sorry bad English, hope you all understand).

Step 1: Drawing stage... using mechanical pencil on paper. If the drawing on A4 paper, 0.3 mechanical pencil was the tool for this stage. But for this Wolverine drawing, I used A3 drawing paper so 0.5 mechanical pencil was the best choice for me. Why i did't use just a normal pencil? Yes i know the normal pencil can give more value line for the drawing but i prefered mechanical for this drawing because it gave me consistent line for crosshatching drawing.

Step 2: Using photoshop, I applied dark brown color as my base color. That mean i gonna use dark to light for shading. I'm using this method for my acrillic painting.

Step 3: Basic color for the skin, costume etc. If i not happy with the color, i just let it go.

Step 4: Adding the highlight, here you can see what i mean from dark to light. At this stage, everything about the detail should be done at this stage. For me this is my hardest stage.

Step 5: I did all color correction with image adjustment (Hue/Saturation). It easy for me but if you want to change overall i advice you to redo again.

Ongoing'Last Exit' comic

My semi comedy/action ongoing comic running in local humor magazine. I'm happy with the story but little unhappy with the drawing. But i have to accept it cos i'm trying to match it with the story. That's why all the figure in the comic look like a little bit cartoon. Although this is not my favourite genre but i'm happy to do it again.

My unfinished 'Echo' comic pages

Just to post a few of my unfinished comic pages published in local comic mag. This were my 'bad' comic, only picture with panel full of face and posing guy. Also full of 'boring' story, suppose to be full of action comic but ending with just talking, talking and talking. But as i told before, i will finish it with new direction and slow progression (better late than never, right?).

Monday, June 11, 2007

One Eye Ronin

Huh! So busy with my office work... nothing to post. But finally i have something to post... a character sketch/drawing for my online comic (still in the making). One eye ronin only was my experimental design during my free time but i like it very much and i want him to appear in my comic. He is not the ancient samurai warrior but he is in the modern day with the 'mad max' concept. And he not only using a sword as weapon...

Friday, June 01, 2007

My first 100% digital illustration

My first illustration using 100% digital (Photoshop). This illustration (local band group called Enstranged) was done for a local humor magazine called G3. That's why it's look like more cartoon.