Thursday, October 07, 2010

G3 COVER #79

Sorry for missing in action, but who cares! So here my art for local humor magazine called G3. Ink on paper and photoshop. I'll share how I create this from start to finish soon.

Hilang plak brader 2-3 bulan ni. Cover untuk majalah G3#79... nanti ada masa brader akan share camna brader buat cover ni.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cover Run: The DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes

The book is on my table

The book's dust jacket, niceeee

I think it was more than a year I didn’t buy an artbook.  But the wait is over, just get myself Adam Hughes’s Cover Run Hard Cover. He one of my favorite comic book artist. And the book , Cover Run: The DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes is  208 pages hardcover book collecting the best of Eisner Award winner Adam Hughes's spectacular, sexy covers for WONDER WOMAN, CATWOMAN and other DC series. This amazing collection features the best of Hughes' work for DC Comics, along with commentary from the artist, rarely seen preliminary material and much more! Maybe some of you didn’t like his art but I found something that I can learn from him.

Dah lama brader tak beli artbook, lebih kurang lebih setahun rasanya. Bebaru ni, puasa artbook brader dah sampai ke kemuncak. Brader telah mengorder buku artbook dari Adam Hughes, Cover Run: The DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes. Buku ni koleksi hardcover dari kerjanya untuk DC Comic cam Wonder Woman, Cat Woman dan lelain  lagi. Ada memacam la dalam buku ni yang boleh brader pelajari dan ambik iktibar. Mungkin ada sesetengah dari korang tak minat dia, brader pun bukan minat dia sangat tapi ada sesuatu yang brader boleh korek dari dia.

Friday, July 30, 2010


If you remember, I have posted about t'shirt design here. A friend of mine Faizalmukhtar has produced 2 t'shirt's design using my art. It actually was his project, just using my art . The t'shirts were available for RM35.50 and can be purchased from their blog or their contact number. And here again the same t'shirt but the different is you can get it directly from me with special price RM30 only. If you buy 2, you'll get a free A4 black/white caricature drawing and I'll draw it myself. Just email me for further info. If this t'shirt sold well, of course I'll produced next t'shirt design myself. Please do support me.

Jika korang masih ingat, brader pernah post pasal t'shirt kat sini. Kawan brader Faizalmukhtar telah keluar idea untuk print t'shirt yang menggunakan lukisan brader untuk projek dia ni. t'shirt tu dijual ngan harga RM35.50 dan boleh dibeli melalui blog dia atau melalui dia terus.
Tapi kini korang boleh dapat t'shirt u melalui blog ni atau terus melalui brader dengan harga RM30 je. Kalau korang beli 2, korang akan dapat lukisan karikatur korang dalam format A4 hitam putih. Dan lukisan karikatur korang tu akan dilukis oleh brader sendiri. Kalau semuanya berjalan lancar sudah tentu brader akan keluarkan sendiri rekaan t'shirt terbaru. Jadi sokonglah brader ye.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Liam Neeson art

click on picture to enlarge

Just did this for fun/experimental, also for my friend over devianart. Liam Neeson is her idol and I promised her to draw Liam since last year but I cannot make it because I'm too busy. And here a speed painting of Liam special for her. Enjoy!

Painting ni brader buat untuk suka-suka dan untuk bereksperimentasi warna/medium. Jugak untuk rakan devianart sebab brader berjanji untuk lukis gambar Liam ni sejak dari tahun lepas lagi. tapi sibuk punya pasal baru sekarang brader boleh buat. Ni spesel untuk dia.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Editorial Illustration

Illustration #5 (click to enlarge)

Illustration #6 (click to enlarge)

Illustration #7 (click to enlarge)

Really busy, I'm not working just for G3 magazine but as an illustrator for others magazine. Above are my illustration for a new weekly tabloid 'IluvIslam', that's mean I have a new weekly deadline to finish all the jobs. The illustration are basically 2.5 by 3 inches in black/white, too small for me to look at. So here again, the bigger size for your eyes. 

Sibuk sangat la, brader bukan je tumpukan kerja untuk majalah G3 saja tetapi untuk majalh lelain yang memerlukan. Kat atas ni ilustrasi yang brader buat untuk akhbar tabloid mingguan terbaru 'ILuvIslam', ini bermakna brader bertambah satu lagi deadline mingguan untuk diselesaikan. ilustrasi dalam tabloid tu berukuran 2.5 kali 3 inci dalam bentuk hitam/putih dan terlalu kecik untuk dilayan. Jadi kat sini brader ulang tayang balik dalam saiz yang besar untuk korang layan. Layannnnn!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey! Just to share, I'm starting my new short comic called Deadline in G3 magazine starting Issue 76 June 2010. Not my best work but trying my best. drawing on paper with pencil and photoshop for coloring.

Baru je buat comic pendek terbaru kat majalah G3 bertajuk Deadline (pasal brader selalu langgar deadline kot). Komik ni bermula isu 76 Jun 2010. Bukan kerja terbaik brader tapi cuba yang terbaik. Seperti biasa brader lemah dalam penceritaan.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ninja kapunden

Here are 6 pages of my new comic for G3 magazine. Trying to do something different... not really like it.

6 mukasurat dari komik brader kat majalah G3. Cuba untuk buat sesuatu yang berlainan tapi ntah la... tak brape nak layan sangat.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Alfatihah untuk ex geng Din Beramboi

Alfatihah untuk Din Beramboi yang panggil dia Meor je. Brader pernah bekerja dan satu geng dengan arwah dulu semasa bekerja untuk majalah 'BOOM!' bersama Aznil, Saiful Apek, kartunis Padi, penulis Ahadiat Akashah dan lain-lain lagi. Lama betul brader tak jumpa dia. Brader kenal sangat dengan perangai dia, kalau kat tv kita tengok arwah wat kelakar camtu, camtu la arwah kat luar. Alfatihah sekali lagi untuk arwah.

PEKOMIK Best Artist nomination/Comix21

Have been nominated for the 'Best Comic Artist' award at Pekomik (Malaysia Comic artist Associated), also nominated for 'Best Traditional/Digital Artist' category for 2009 Pekomik Award. But unfortunately I didn't won any of those category. All the winning artist are the best. My comic also nominated for a 'Best Limited series' for 2008 Pekomik Award, but never won any award. Thanks to Mr, Apai (Karangkraf) for all this. But I still feel I'm not ready for any award, my art still need improvement. That is why I have been drawing comic since 1992 but never publish my own comic book.

Digital also has selected me for one of '20 Notable Young Illustrators'... hmm maybe I like this one because although I'm not young anymore but Digital Malaya has note me as an illustrator not a comic artist. Illustrator who trying to draw comic... yes, I think this is me.

Alaf 21 publication imprint, Comix21 head by Mr. Apai is another way for Malaysia comic artist to publish their comic. Comix21 is a Graphic Novel format (80 pages trade paperback format) with glossy art paper  giving a chance for me to publish my comic with a quality printing but I'm still not confident since my art is not very good compare to a good paper quality offered by Comix21. And I don't think I have enough fan out there for my own book. But honestly, Comix21 give you better quality comic book, hopefully Mr. Apai can make double check on the quality artwork from the comic artist submission.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NAGASATRIA Limited Edition KLIBF`2010 Exclusive T-Shirt

Hi... I know it was too late to say Happy New Year 2010 since my last post on August 2009. But who cares, so Happy New Year 2010 to everyone. So... here why I'm missing... busy, busy, busy and busy! Sound familiar isn't it? Okay, just to share, I just collaborated with my friend FaizalMukhtar (Manteraworks) to produce 2 t'shirt's design using my upcoming Nagasatria's comic characters. The t'shirt will be available in early March for a limited print only. Actually this is 90 percent Manteraworks project, and there are more project like this in the future with more quality for sure.

Here the update from FaizalMukhtar's blog:

NAGASATRIA: Limited Edition "Nemesis" Black T-Shirt
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 NAGASATRIA: Limited Edition "Rangga" White T-Shirt
 Special Price: RM$35.50 //
Sizes: M - XXL
( click on the picture for a larger image )

With anticipation for Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair(KLIBF) 2010 reaching a fever pitch this coming month, we here at TShirt Studio is offering limited edition premium Manteraworks/MS Legacy merchandise product available for advance pre-order only at this site!

Here is the only place where you can get NAGASATRIA Limited Edition KLIBF`2010 T-Shirt in advance! On sale are TWO(2) super exclusive t-shirts complete with the Manteraworks banner with fine illustrated work by foreknown comic artist, Niezam. These shirts are available in black (featuring NEMESIS) or white (featuring RANGGA of Nagasatria).

Don't forget that TShirt Studio Malaysia online shoppe is also your only place to get this exclusive t-shirt before KLIBF`2010 starts on the 19th to 28th of March this year.

So remember the next time you feel like showing off your devotion to everything artistic, beautiful and rare, stop by TShirt Studio for some great deals and exclusive merchandise!

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