Sunday, December 21, 2008

LES ARMES DU META-BARON (travis charest)

Finally... long awaited book and more than five years in the making (I guess) by Jodorowsky and art by Travis Charest/Janjetov now is in my hand. Yiehaaaaaaa! LES ARMES DU META-BARON (oversize format) is unavailable in U.S and only available in French... so I have to order it from Amazon French, they said the book is out of print but lucky for me there are a few copies left at Amazon French. The book also in French but I still can read it with the 'magic' of internet. The artwork by Travis Charest looks wonderful but additional art by Janjentov is not so very good compared by Travis art. I know Janjetov can do more than this because I saw his previous art and better than this. Travis Charest steals the show in this book. Hopefully he can do more book like this in the future especially for Marvel book. I don't care if it painted art or line drawing as long as the art by Travis Charest. That's all I can say.