Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Step by step Wolverine

Here i demonstrate how i colored my Wolverine piece using photoshop in simple way. But this is my way... others maybe using other way. (sorry bad English, hope you all understand).

Step 1: Drawing stage... using mechanical pencil on paper. If the drawing on A4 paper, 0.3 mechanical pencil was the tool for this stage. But for this Wolverine drawing, I used A3 drawing paper so 0.5 mechanical pencil was the best choice for me. Why i did't use just a normal pencil? Yes i know the normal pencil can give more value line for the drawing but i prefered mechanical for this drawing because it gave me consistent line for crosshatching drawing.

Step 2: Using photoshop, I applied dark brown color as my base color. That mean i gonna use dark to light for shading. I'm using this method for my acrillic painting.

Step 3: Basic color for the skin, costume etc. If i not happy with the color, i just let it go.

Step 4: Adding the highlight, here you can see what i mean from dark to light. At this stage, everything about the detail should be done at this stage. For me this is my hardest stage.

Step 5: I did all color correction with image adjustment (Hue/Saturation). It easy for me but if you want to change overall i advice you to redo again.

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