Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm back!

So I thought I'd post something but there's nothing in almost 7 month since my last post in January with Ladytron pin up, sorry about that. Something really unexpected... my life, my day job and almost everything that everybody won't to know. But it settled down slowly... and here I am.

Collaborated with Shawn Battle on his new self publish under 'Rebel Comic'. And the book will only available in US.

Still on working for my ongoing comic running in local comic magazine called 'Supemarket'. A funny story about a young superhero adventure with his friends. Only available in my country.

Last but not least... my online comic still in progress (again?). Take a long time to publish but only can I say is... it's free. The online comic will update every 2 weeks... The comic is about a new kind of supehero... I won't to tell you everything here but only this tagline as a teaser... "2 worlds, one hero".

see ya!

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