Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coming soon

First image of my personal comic to be online soon, my friends Faizalmukhtar was the first person posted it in his blog. He will be co writer for the comic. Everybody can visit his blog by clicking the link here... This teaser art/concept is for a free reading comic, will be update every week or every two weeks depend on my schedule. I'll post the pages on my Deviantart gallery but without any words or ballons. I'm not ready to reveal about the plot yet but I'll make sure the art will be kick ass (at least I'm trying cos I know I'm not good enough). So wait for more update.

Ink on paper/photoshop


n13z4m said...

Salam there, truly admire your art since hmm in secondary school i think =) respect!

Forgot already what comic, the karagkraf comic right hehe =)

I am a comic reader long time ago, now mostly majoring in computer stuff.

Find your blog/name slightly similar to my name =) and found your blog, saw your art, i recognize the art :D

best regards
niezam (blogger,twitter,deviantart)

Niezam said...

To n13z4m
Thanks for visiting my blog!