Thursday, December 07, 2006

My comic magazines

US/UK (Sorry bad English)
I like comic medium very much... I start collecting comic since 12 years old. Action comic was the first comic followed by epic illustrated magazine. But all of them were gone in my hand. From Marvel to DC, from manga comic to Hong Kong Kung-Fu fighting comic. I'm trying to collect every comic in the world but only a few I have. I did a research about comic, drew comic... if my friend buys comic for their X-men character or Superman, but buy it cos it's comic. There are lot of single comic now day but only few comic magazine you can find in the comic shop.

2000AD a comic magazine from UK among the top. But don't forget Heavy Metal... I have been collecting this mag since I was 17 and stop until a few years ago. But now I'm ready to continue collecting Heavy Metal. Actually I have this mag from underground source because it was banned from Goverment. But 2000AD still survives in Malaysia market and you can get it even at kedai mamak. Other mag from Marvel called Epic Comic also one of the best comic book in the form of magazine. But sadly no longer available in the market. There also Frazzeta's Fantasy Illustrated, I only have it 4 to five issue. That's all cos they stop running it. And the only beautiful comic magazine so far... Penthhouse comic. That's why I called it beautiful mag, but it's truly good design mag. Anyone who wanted to see it... contact me cos I have in about 20 over copies/issues.

So far from Japan, the best comic magazine is Shonen Jump. Range Murata also trying hard to publish comic in magazines format but much expensive than Shonen Jump, its called Robot published by Wani Publishing Japan. Robot focus more comic art controled by Range Murata himself but it worth to have it.

From local (Malaysia) the best comic magazines so far but no longer in market, Fantasi which I collect a whole issue but after I graduate from Mara University of Technology more than 10 issue missing and damage. Gila-gila, Ujang, Gempak to name a few were survive until now in the market. But Gempak was a big 'victory' in Malaysia comic scene.

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